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Testing and Sorting in these final hours - Sananda (Jesus) The Owner Operator's Manual - Cosmic Law
Twelve Signs of your awakening Divinity Blueprints for Living - Soltec
It is always Darkest before the Dawn - Soltec What is 'forever' for? - Partnerships today - Milson
An Inner State of Peace - Soltec Alignment between Head and Heart
Symptoms of Vibrational Change - Signs of the Times Confirming the Inner Journey of the Soul - Hatonn
The Great Spiritual Battle now in High Gear - Soltec Understanding Life - Milson
Appreciating the Larger View of Mother Earth's Cleansing Listening within and Thinking for Yourself - Soltec
The Natural Cycles of Creative Expression - Soltec The Role you play in Healing a Planet - Sananda
Desire Truth and Question Everything! - Soltec Do unto Others what you would want them do unto you
- For Time is Up! - Sananda
The "Trump Card" of Divine Knowing - Soltec You shall Reap what you sow - St Germain
Communication the Key to breaking the Spell - Korton Dealing with Inner Stirrings of Unrest - Soltec
The Good shall be sorted from Evil - Sananda How to handle Psychic Attacks - Hatonn
Are you Losing Your Mind or Gaining Your Soul? - Hilarion Time to Tune-Up Your Inner Radio - Hatonn
A warning to War-Makers - Sananda Soar with the Eagle - various
Extracts from the Writings of St Germain Let Go of the Past - Sananda
That Secret Something we are all searching for - Soltec Satisfaction is balancing the Inner & Outer Worlds - Soltec
You can make a difference - Hatonn Pay attention to Your Other Senses - Korton
Be Strong and Know that Help is Near - Sananda (Jesus) Own your Feelings and Control Your Destiny - Sananda
Your Quest by Archangel Raphael The Bells That Toll - by Archangel Michael
The Healing Waters of Redemption by Sananda The Big Let-Go - by Kuthumi

ANGELS amongst Us
MESSAGES from our "sponsors"
Things are not always what they seem St Germain on Raising your Frequency
The Pink Dress Lanto the Sage: Shedding those self-imposed limitations
The Angel at McDonalds A Message from the Lemurian Elders
Warning! Sanat Kumara - To Know Yourself, Reach Out to Others
Aton himself speaks out as the Hours Grow Short
The Promised Bow in the Clouds Hilarion - Understanding Your Bio-Electric Sensing Machine
A Prayer for Abundance Sananda - Clear the Weeds from your Wheat
NESARA's Worldwide Benefits A Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation

for relaxation
for quiet times
Wishes (Powerpoint presentation) The Blessings already are - John Morton
You are the Light of the World A Beautiful Prayer: Asking God - Author Unkown
Do it anyway A Poem by Mother Theresa
The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry
Twelve Prayers for Peace provided by James Twyman
I wish for you..... - a poem
An Invitation..... - inspired by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Native American Elder

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